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Kol Nidrei Appeal

We are looking for full member participation. Please follow this link to make your donation to the Kol Nidrei Appeal.

Yomim Noraim Seating Forms

Download the forms and submit to the shul office with payment
Seating Form
Seating Letter

Arba Minim Orders

To order your set of Arba Minim, please visit:
The deadline for ordering is 11:59PM Wednesday, October 5th
Pick-up will be Thursday, October 13th, after 9:05 Ma'ariv.

Expansion Plans

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21st Annual Shul Dinner Video

Ohel Avraham Pesach 5776

Download your copy here: Ohel Avraham Pesach 5776

Who We Are

Congregation Beth Abraham, located in Bergenfield NJ, is a full service Orthodox shul with over 450 full time and affiliate member families. Our shul conducts multiple morning minyanim during the week and on Shabbos including a year long vasikin minyan, as well as multiple mincha and maariv minyanim. Our shul places a great emphasis on Tefilah, Talmud Torah and Chesed. We have a vibrant Bais Medrash program that includes individual chavrusas, daf yomi shiurim, chaburas and more. Our Adult Education committee coordinates stimulating speakers and lectures for both men and women throughout the year.

Our shul Youth Department conducts weekly Shabbos groups from Pre-K to 5th grade and includes a youth minyan for boys and girls in grades 4 -6. The youth department also coordinates various programming throughout the year including Israeli dance, Friday night onegs and Shabbos afternoon learning groups. Our shul also boasts a chesed committee, sisterhood, welcoming committee, Israel action committee and much more.

On behalf of our Rav, Rabbi Yaakov Neuburger, Rabbi Tanchum Cohen, our board and our entire membership, we welcome you and encourage you to find out more about what Congregation Beth Abraham has to offer.

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This Week's Zmanim

Shabbos Miketz

Shabbos Chol Hamoed Shmini Atzeres Simchas Torah
October 21-25th/20-23 Tishrei

Friday Oct. 21st
Shacharis 6:00/6:53v/8:00/8:45am
Mincha (in 406) 5:45 pm
Zman Mincha 5:50 pm
Candles 5:49 pm
Repeat krias shema after 6:56 pm

Vasikin 6:41 am
Hashkama 7:15 am
Main Shul 8:45 am
Social Hall 9:00 am
SZKS 9:57 am
Daf 7:45a/9:30a/4:45 pm
Mincha 2:30/ 5:45 pm
Mincha/SeudaShli(406) 5:30 pm
Maariv 6:48 pm
Shabbos ends 6:56 pm

Tikun Leil HR 8:30 pm
Hoshana Rabba 10/23
Shacharis 6:36v/6:50/8:00/8:45 am
Candles 5:46 pm
Mincha 5:50 pm

Shemini Atzeres Mon 10/24
Vasikin 6:45 am
Hashkama 7:15 am
Main Shul 8:45 am
Social Hall 9:00 am
Bais Medrash 9:30 am

Simchas Yom Tov 4:00 pm (Neuburger home)
Daf 7:45/9:30am/4:440pm
Mincha 4:20/5:40 pm
Youth Hakafos 4:40 pm
Candles-NOT BEFORE 6:53 pm

Simchas Torah Tues 10/25
Bais Medrash 8:00 am
Main Shul 8:00 am
Daf 7:00?/TBA/4:25pm
Mincha 5:25 pm
(Followed by Neilas Hachag)
Maariv 6:43 pm
Yom Tov ends 6:51 pm

Shacharis 6:30/6:58v/7:10am
Mincha 5:50 pm
After mincha/9:05/10:00 pm

Thursday 10/27
Shacharis 6:20/7:00v/7:10am
Mincha 5:50 pm
After mincha/9:05/10:00 pm

Next Friday Oct. 28th
Shacharis 6:30/7:01v/7:10am
Mincha 5:35 pm
Zman Mincha 5:40 pm
Candles 5:39 pm

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