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In Shemos (25:8) the Torah tells us “V’Asu li mikdash v’shocanti b’socham” that if bnai yisrael build the mishkan Hashem promises to dwell in their midst. The center of the Mishkan was the Aron Hakodesh which housed the luchos and was the direct link to Hashem’s presence; the Kohen Gadol was only permitted in that area once a year on Yom Kippur which stresses to us the centrality that Torah plays in our every day life. Only if we designate a place and time for the study of Torah will we be able to reach that lofty goal of attaining a relationship with Hashem.

The Adult Education Committee led by Seth Lebowitz and Brian Gopin is a key link to making our shul a center of the community’s Torah learning. Through the many shiurim organized in the community for both men and women, the vibrant Beis Medrash which is filled on a daily basis and the various speakers who come to our shul(including Scholar-in-Residence, Yom Tov programming and Sunday morning events), our families are able to focus themselves on bettering their avodas Hashem. The Adult Education committee works closely with the board of directors and our Rav to coordinate invitations to speakers and raise funds for programming.

If you have any ideas for future shiurim or speakers please contact Seth ( or Brian (

Shiurim by Rav Neuburger on
Shiurim by Rav Cohen on

Download your copy of the newly released Ohel Avraham 19 – Rosh Hashana 5779 today!

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Weekly Shiurim Schedule at Beth Abraham

  • Shabbos after Mincha – Hilchos Shabbos Lomdus and Lemaaseh – Rav Neuburger

  • Shabbos after Mincha – Seudah Shlishis for High School boys – Rav Tanchum Cohen

  • Sunday morning 8 am – Shabbos Malkisa – Rabbi Benjy Rubin

  • Monday 8 PM – Gemara Megillah – Rav Neuburger

  • Monday evenings once a month – Tehillos ha-Tefilla for women – Rav Tanchum Cohen

  • Tuesday night chabura Rav Wolbe’s writings – rotating houses – Rav Neuburger

  • Thursday 8:15 PM – Basic Blatt Maseches Ta’anis – Rabbi Preil

  • Thursdays at 9:15 pm: Halacha LiMaaseh – Teshuvot of Rav Moshe – rotating houses – Rabbi Benjy Rubin

  • Thursday nights after the 10PM maariv – 20 min. chabura with Mikraos Gedolos – Rav Neuburger

  • Friday night after Dvar Torah in winter – Parent/Child learning in Beis Medrash for 1/2 hour followed by Maariv

  • Chumash Rashi with Rav Neuburger – at Rav Neuburger’s houseFriday night in the winter – and at Seudah Shlishis one hour before Mincha in the Shul in the summer

  • Monthly Shabbas Mevarchin shiur for women – rotating speakers

  • Daf Yomi Wekdays – Sunday 7:30 AM; Mon, Thur – 5:30AM, Tues, Wed, Fri – 5:40AM

  • Daf Yomi Shabbos: (a) 7:45 AM, (b) after Hashkoma, and (c) one hour before Mincha

  • Amud Yomi – Mon-Fri 6:00 AM (5:50 on M/Th) (Mesechta Bava Metzia as of summer 2013) – contact Zvi Ginsberg