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Mission Statement:
The mission of the Beth Abraham Youth Department is to provide a nurturing, educational, and fun atmosphere for our children as a foundation on which they will build a love for davening, learning torah, and contributing to our community as they continue to grow.

Beth Abraham’s weekly youth groups are the perfect place for our children to spend their Shabbos mornings. Our amazing group leaders are friendly and caring and look forward to welcoming the children every week. Each group is divided by age and follows a carefully designed schedule tailored to meet the needs of the children in that age range. The schedules include davening, learning parsha, playing games, enjoying snack, and having fun. We also incorporate special activities, including monthly visits from Rabbi Neuberger and Rabbi Cohen who share stories with the children and holiday-themed surprises such as sufganiyot on Shabbos Chanukah and Crazy Hat Day on the Shabbos before Purim. Every child who comes to groups receives a ticket and has the opportunity to win extra tickets for being the best davener and actively participating in games and activities. At the end of the year, children can redeem their tickets for incredible prizes at our closing event.

Nursery groups are a fantastic way to introduce your children to our youth programming. Conveniently located in the basement group rooms of the shul, parents are just a flight of stairs away at the upstairs minyanim. Children are greeted at the door by their group leaders and special attention is given to children who have difficulty separating from their parents. The children have plenty of time to play with toys and friends and participate in organized games and age-appropriate davening.

Pre-K groups are always exciting. Located in the basement group rooms, children engage in a variety of games, activities, and even light indoor sports. They also spend time davening, learning parsha, singing songs, and listening to stories.

Kindergarten is one of our largest groups. Located in the basement group rooms, children in this age group really love to get involved in parsha and davening and are always playing exciting games created by our wonderful group leaders.

First Grade:
Our first grade groups meet in the youth center conveniently located next door to the shul building and are divided into two groups, one group for boys and one group for girls. Children are introduced to davening from a siddur and are always excited to participate in group davening, interactive parsha games, and entertaining activities. Our incredible group leaders enhance free-play time with fun trivia and games.

Second-Third Grades:
Second and third grade groups meet in the youth center conveniently located next door to the shul building. There is a significant emphasis on davening and children spend about half an hour davening out loud together from a siddur. Children also engage in organized learning and large group activities lead by our fantastic group leaders.

Youth Minyan:
Under the guidance and support of our Rav and in consultation with professional educators we have developed an exciting and engaging program designed to enhance our children’s appreciation of davening. Currently, the minyan is geared for children between 4th and 6th grade.

The Youth Minyan will:
• Provide an opportunity for our children to become more engaged in davening
• Enhance our children’s understanding of the Tefilot (meaning, history, etc.)
• Give our children the skillset to lead and actively participate in Tefilah
The Minyan will meet every Shabbat in the youth center at 9:15.

Other Activities:
In addition to providing our children with an incredible experience at Shabbos morning groups, the Beth Abraham Youth Department also offers many other exciting activities, including:
• Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur babysitting with fun games and activities for children
• Interactive Succah Hop
• Special child-friendly Hakafos
• Entertaining Chanukah show
• Friday night Onegs for children in second grade and up
• Motsei Shabbos Learning for parents and children
• Amazing entertainment for children during Purim megillah reading
• Interactive Shavuot shiurim for teens
• Closing event where children can redeem the tickets they received at Shabbos morning groups throughout the year

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