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The goal of the Beth Abraham Sisterhood is to create a sense of unity, or achdus, among the members of our shul. It runs events almost monthly for women, couples, or families including a women’s recipe exchange, craft events, Meet the Members night, a Shavuos bake sale, and the annual shul family BBQ. The Sisterhood organizes welcoming and chessed committees as well as shiurim for women. It provides women with the opportunity to channel their personal strengths into helping our community and our shul. The Beth Abraham Sisterhood is always looking for new people to become more involved. For more information please contact Rena Strulowitz, or Pnina Fessel


The chessed committee coordinates many services within the community to assist our members when needed. Some of the services we provide include: meals for families going through hardship/illness, hospital and home bikur cholim visits, errands for families in need, driving for medical appointments, childcare assistance in cases of maternal absence/illness and assistance for single parent households. Our community is blessed with many individuals who are eager to help in varied capacities. Please be assured that all issues that are brought to our attention are treated with extreme sensitivity and confidentiality. If anyone is interested in getting involved either in helping with the many critical chessed projects in our community or if you, or someone you know, are in need of assistance please contact Rabbi Neuburger, Rabbi Cohen or the chessed committee: Tsipi Gurell ( or Tammy Greenberg (

Condolence Cards

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If you would like to visit our community for a shabbos, or be hosted for a shabbos meal to see if you would like to live in our community, please contact Julie Farkas or Tzippy Ross

New Baby

The Sisterhood Baby Meals Committee takes care of the needs of new mothers by organizing meals for them. We also bring new mothers a small gift from the CBA Sisterhood. Our committee is seeking volunteers who would be interested in cooking for new mothers. We would like to compile a list of volunteers from the shul who are interested in cooking for new mothers. Anyone who is interested in helping should contact Malka Flamholz (, Shelly Guttman ( or Dina Weingarten (

Shiva Meals

The Sisterhood Shiva Meals Committee organizes meals for congregants who are sitting shiva locally. We make sure all of their meals are taken care throughout the week. We are very much in need of volunteers to participate in meals, either in cooking meals, picking food up, delivering meals or organizing them. Please contact Claire Strauss ( or Jennifer Wiederkehr ( to add your name to our list.


The Sisterhood Beth Abraham Welcoming Committee helps new residents overcome the unease of moving into a new community. The families moving in may be unfamiliar with the local community and we want to help them get acclimated to their new community. We contact each family that moves in to welcome them and bring them a “welcome present” as well as a folder filled with relevant shul information, current minyanim times, shul membership form, upcoming sisterhood events, information about the youth committee etc. We then offer to set up each new family with other families in the area to help ease their transition into our community. Our goal is to meet all of the people that move into our neighborhood and make them feel a warm sense of community and family. If they have any questions, we are happy to sit and speak with them and help in any way that we can. It fosters a feeling of involvement with the community and helps to put a face and name to each neighbor. We are always looking for people to host new families. If you wish to volunteer or know of a new family that has moved into our community, please contact Debra Glanzman, Sara Walzman or Miriam Warburg or email